Theory of Change

  • The CRP is a holistic framework that aims to strengthen legitimate and participatory governance, promote the development of children and youth, increase safety and justice, improve socio-economic development, enhance social transformation and enable physical transformation using an evidence-driven platform.

  • This platform will enable, facilitate and build capacity for these communities to address their own needs, as well as, serve to promote strategic partnerships and the coordination and enhancement of the delivery of services under the six interlocking components to vulnerable and volatile communities.

  • More effective national and local coordination mechanisms are then expected to catalyse collective actions to bolster stronger governance and maximize the impact of existing programmes aimed at reducing crime and violence and promoting community development or renewal.

  • Ultimately, the actions under the CRP framework are expected to empower citizens to live full and satisfied lives in secure, cohesive and just communities with healthy environments and in fulfilment of the Vision 2030 Jamaica National Goals and Outcomes