The Majesty Gardens Pilot

One of the more important interventions of the CRP to date is the state-directed pilot programme in the community of Majesty Gardens led by a major housing development undertaken by the National Housing Trust. 

The CRP brought together an interagency coordinating committee that included a wide cross section of government and non-governmental agencies, international development partners, and representatives of the Majesty Gardens Community Development Committee (CDC). 

Some of the achievements of the pilot include: 

  • construction and completion of strata units 
  • reduction of intra-community conflict 
  • completion of a business survey 
  • strengthening of the Community Development Committee (CDC)
  • registration of the CDC as a Benevolent Society
  • provision of Tax Registration Numbers (TRN) and registration to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS)
  • establishment of education and training programmes including literacy, cottage industry and other skills training and internship programmes
  • the installation of a solar system in St. Andrew Settlement resulting in an 80% reduction in light bill
  • 15 residents trained in LED assembly and installation by the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU)
  • implementation of a parenting and nutrition programme, resulting in 120 parents trained
  • establishment of a police youth club; and 
  • reduction in community conflict with rival gangs