Community Renewal Programme

Community Renewal Programme

Community Renewal Programme

The Community Renewal Programme

The Community Renewal Programme, CRP, was established in 2011 as a multi-level, integrated intervention for coordinating and enhancing service delivery among 100 of the most volatile and vulnerable communities in Jamaica. 

The selected communities are from the five parishes that have sustained the highest murder rates over the last ten years. These are St James, Clarendon, St Catherine, Kingston and St Andrew.

Goal of the CRP

The goal of the CRP is that “Citizens are empowered to live full and satisfied lives and have transformed their volatile and vulnerable communities into secure, cohesive, just, prosperous and healthy environments.” 

Objectives of the Community Renewal Programme

The primary objective of the CRP is to achieve sustainable, positive change among the targeted communities by harnessing multiple interventions around six strategic components. These are (i) Social Transformation; (ii) Socio-economic Development; (iii) Governance; (iv) Youth Development; (v) Physical Transformation; and (vi) Safety and Justice. 


The CRP Secretariat coordinates the implementation and monitoring of partner activities, in keeping with its strategic objectives, these are: 

  1. Building partnerships among state and non-state entities to ensure collaboration 
  2. Coordinating and harmonising development partners, state and non-state entities and institutions to prevent duplication and maximise the impact of interventions
  3. Mobilising resources to fill gaps
  4. Designing and supporting catalytic interventions and policies to address critical needs and gaps in CRP target communities 
  5. Designing and supporting best practice interventions 
  6. Monitoring and Evaluating 
  7. Researching and analysing data to provide information for better programme design.   

Coordination and collaboration among the agencies within each parish is facilitated by the Parish inter-agency networks established by the Social Development Commission (SDC).

Its purpose is to contribute to inclusive growth and equitable national development by fostering the socio-economic well-being and enhancing the quality of the lives of residents of volatile and vulnerable communities. 

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